Our opportunity to give back-pay it forward

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I have been reflecting, as we start to see the first signs of the holiday season, about blessing others.

I want to encourage everyone to do something to pay things forward.  I will share something that my husband and I did last year.  We wanted to give "some money away". I thought about getting some bills and when I came upon one of the people with a sign on the street, giving them a bill of a certain amount.  I didn't like that too much because I don't like mooching and as I shouldn't judge, It is still hard to see someone trying to make a living begging.  So we struck on an idea of adding one of the bilss of a certain amount to whatever tip or fee we would be paying someone. So when we picked our car up from the valet parking at the hospital, we added that bill to our regular tip. When we went out to eat and we left our regular tip, we added that bill to our regular tip.  Trying to bless people who were working to make ends meet.  Maybe giving them a few dollars more to pass on in a gift or get a bill paid they were wondering how they could.  It felt good to do it. It is one of those things that you get more than you give. Our intent was to give and bless others, and we got much more in return. My plan is to do it again this year. And give more. It cant hurt. I would rather go without a coffee or a fancy meal (which I don't buy anyway) so that someone else might breath a bit easier about a bill or making ends meet. Pass it forward. Give it a try. Be sneaky, don't get noticed. Enjoy the holidays for giving! That's what it is all about!