Our Pets Our Family

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We've been dealing with a very sick dog since friday. Because we have no birth children, he is the closest to family we have living with us right now. And it is very hard. Some of you know. We both have said, "how do people do this with children?" your life must just stop! Trips back and forth to the hospital and being numb in between. My husband says that if it's hard, it's because we care. If we didn't care, and didn't treat him like family, then why have the pet and the attachment.
Our whole world is better when we see his tale wag and when is ears perk up.
I think it is about unconditional love too. Something that I wish I did better and hopefully these last 9+ years he has been teaching me. Expecting the best of everyone he meets and greets and always accepting of whatever he gets in return. No expectations. Total acceptance and unconditional love.
A good reminder to me now and everyone else also.